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Can A Lay Person Baptize?

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Published by H T Paul Davis in Bible Questions · 25 February 2019
Should baptism only be done by the preacher or can any saint baptize? What is the great commission? While it was spoken directly to the eleven apostles, they were commanded to teach their disciples to follow the commandments that had received, particularly the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19 and Mark 16:16 was written for all believers, and any baptized disciple should be able to baptize another. Although it is often a practical matter to have someone baptized "at the church", if the moment is right, when someone wants to be baptized, it is ok to do so.  From the standpoint that having the believer at the church,it is a way of engaging them in the community and when they are baptized by one of the church elders, there is a connection and relationship being established.  However, there are times when the convert is not at the church.  What of prison ministry, hospital ministry, or other opportunity that may simply arise when a preacher is not available.  What do you think?

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