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Christians and Politics

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Published by H T Paul Davis in Politics · 26 February 2019
One of the astounding things I have noticed is the numbers of Christians who vote for liberal politicians. There can only be a few plausible reasons for this problem. The first is simple ignorance of what political parties believe and the core values in the political divide. While both democrats and republicans are a bit of a melting pot trying to bring everyone into the fold, the reality is that there are differences on the issues that should be most important to Christians. This concerns more of the social issues and moral issues, rather than economic issues. Political parties have always been recognized for their differences in economic issues and almost seem to be about class warfare. The democrats have primarily been the party of the working people, and the republicans have been the business owners and upper class. That is no longer true. There are rich and poor in both parties. Many Christians are normal working people that have affiliated with the Republican party because of conservative values, not because we see people in classes. Many democrats that are Christians are there because the Democratic party always represented working Americans. The problem is that economic issues should not be the basis for voting. More than anything social issues and values ought to matter more than anything else. Since the love of money is the root of all evil, and since Christian treasures should be heavenly, it is much less important in the overall scheme of things to be concerned about where our politicians stand on economic issues. It is more important to know where they stand on social issues. These include how they stand on values concerning marriage, faith, and righteous laws. No Christian should ever vote for a candidate that supports a gay agenda of any kind. No Christian should ever vote for a candidate that supports abortion. No Christian should ever vote for any candidate that has a belief system that is contrary to the morals laid out in the Word of God. The Bible states that "righteousness exalteth a nation" and also declares, "If the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do?". Whenever kings or politicians create laws or uphold acts that are contrary to the Word of God, they are leading the nation toward destruction. In recent days -- this truth is becoming more obvious as we have seen more liberals in the judiciary and more ungodliness in the White House and Congress. While there are some elected leaders that continue to stand for what is morally right - there continues to be a destruction of the moral underpinnings in our laws. If law is the schoolmaster that brings us to Christ, the absence of the law of God as the basis for our own legal system means that we cannot continue as a Christian nation.

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