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Should I Tithe on my Gross or Net?

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Published by H T Paul Davis in Bible Questions · 25 February 2019
Should I tithe on the net or gross of my income?
Is it better to tithe on the Gross or Net? I have been asked this question many times. As a pastor for many years, but also with many years experience in accounting - I recommend tithing on the Net plus add back personal non-tax or deferred income deductions. If a person tithes on their gross, they will be duplicating paying tithes on Social Security or Retirement income when they later begin to receive it. Also it would be a nightmare to try determine which Social Security was already tithed on when contributed, and how much represents the employer/government share or the increase in the retirement portfolio from actual investment earnings
I have heard recommendations to tithe on gross, but remember, Jesus said "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and unto God that which is Gods". Jesus plainly states that taxes are Caesars. They do not represent any increase. Tax refunds should be tithed on when tithing on the net, however. The problem with tithing on taxes including Social Security is that you will be paying double tithes when you begin receiving Social Security. Also to tithe on Federal Income Tax means that you accept ownership of the obligation - taxes are being used to pay on illegal government program, abortions, to support gay agendas, liberal programs, clandestine operations. We should pay taxes because that is in keeping with the spirit of the what Jesus said - but let Caesars be Caesars.
Shouldn't the ministry advise their Social Security and retirement people not to pay tithes on 1/2 of their Social Security if they have been paying tithes on the gross for years? If they have paid on the gross before, then they have already paid tithes on their Social Security and retirement contributions. The only increase is the 1/2 paid by the employer and the value of the investment earnings over the initial contributions. If we are going to teach tithing in a "legal" sense then we need to be honest with our saints. However, I believe it always best to teach tithing as a principle - it is God's best plan for supporting the ministry, widows, and orphans. But it should be done with the "willing" and "cheerful" heart. I only broach the subject of Gross or Net because it has been asked many times over the years and this is an honest answer based on accounting principles

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