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Social Justice versus Morality

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Published by H T Paul Davis in Human Events · 25 February 2019
I recently read a book from a college professor that purported to be a Christian, but whose voting patterns were for the Democratic party.  The home page for the Democratic party provides a fair assessment of the position of Democratic leadership.  The chair, Debbie Schultz, writes "I am a democrat because the Democratic Party stands for inclusion, equality, and opportunity and that means empowerment for all American to achieve anything they can dream, if they work hard and play by the rules".  The problem is the rules of God are at odds with such thinking.  The issues supported by democrats are often in conflict with God's teaching, particulary the issues of sexual orientation, gay marriage, and gender identity, or abortion.  The first issue mentioned on the issues page states "We are committed to protecting voting rights, enacting the employment non-discrimination, act, ensuring marriage equality and equal federal rights for LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual] couples."
As I read the "Christian" professor who was overtly supportive of being a democrat, my first thought was "how can this person claim to be a Christian and vote for leaders who impose immorality on our country?  Because the book was on the issue of social justice, I did understand the background because the professor was also an African-American.  In his mind, the issue of social justice outweighed the issue of morality.  Unfortunately this is the case of many Christians, black, white, hispanic, or asian that have experienced the heavy hand of injustice, whether under the historical context of slavery or from having lived under communism.  For many, injustice was a matter of not having opportunities because of governmental restrictions, poverty, or a society of corruption.
Many Christians see economic opportunites and social justice issues as being the most important themes that require governmental attention -- and sadly they see LGBT equality and gay marriage as a social justice issue rather than a sin against God.  As a result they are voting their passions, not their morals.  Christians who align with the Democratic party, regardless of color, sadly display what is in their heart -- a disregard for truth and a disregard for God's laws.  Sin should not fall under the category of social justice; it should not be supported or tolerated but should be denounced at the voting booth.  There are areas of social justice that are not in conflict with God's laws but we must learn to seperate the "chaff from the wheat" - the "right from the wrong" - the "moral from the immoral" when we make decisions about leadership.
The Bible clearly states, "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people" (Prov. 14:34).

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