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The Story of An Indian Chief

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Published by H T Paul Davis in Sermon In Miniature · 25 February 2019
A reporter once asked the great evangelist Dwight Moody, “What people give you the most trouble”.  Mr. Moody answered immediately, “I’ve had more trouble with D.L. Moody than any man alive.” Such is the case with all of us because when it comes to an enemy, yourself is the most difficult one to escape from or defeat.  Much of the life of mental agony is caused by the inability to escape, hide, or run away from our own selves, and when we try to do so, we tend to experience the worse consequences.  We know that Paul writes in Romans about the battles that exist between the flesh and the spirit.  Our human nature is full of sin, and even though we try to do good we often succumb to the temptations that are a part of everyone’s life.  An indian chief who became a Christian was asked, “Chief, what is it like for you now that you are a Christian”.  The chief replied, “It’s like having two dogs on the inside of me that are always fighting.”  “Well chief”, the man asked, “which one wins?”  The chief replied, “the one I feed the most”.  Battles between the flesh and spirit were a part of the lives of all three of these men.  The apostle Paul, the great evangelist, and the chief of an Indian nation are no different than you and me.  Paul wrote, “O wretched man than I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord”.  There is victory for those who have learned that the greatest enemy of all can be conquered by the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ puts inside our hearts.

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