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Walking On Water

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Published by H T Paul Davis in Sermon In Miniature · 26 February 2019
In Matthew 14 we find a familiar story about Jesus walking on the water.  First notice that Jesus constrained (that is strongly requested) that his disciples get in a boat and cross the Sea of Galilee and to wait for him on the other side.  In the fourth watch, somewhere between 3 and 6 am, Jesus came out to meet them, and he was walking on the water.  The disciples of course were afraid, thinking they had seen a ghost.  If you recall the story, Peter asked the Lord that if it was really him, then he would like to walk on the water out to Jesus.  How many times has this story of Peter’s faith been preached?  How often are we reminded that when Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the stormy waves around him, he begin to sink.  This is a lesson in faith – a lesson that says never take your eyes off of the Lord even when you are in the middle of trouble.  But let me take you just a step farther.  Peter’s faith began to fail when he saw the stormy waves around him, and then Peter began to sink.  However, Peter had a second chance to walk on the water.  The Lord reached out his hand and Peter and the Lord walked back to the boat.  When you have begun to fail in fear – the Lord will pick you up and help you make the walk.  You will with Jesus at your side master the storm that made you doubt.

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