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A Pilgrims Poetry
Poetry written beginning as young as the age of 10 by Paul Davis. Mr. Davis has twice won poetry awards and has been published in the UK and one anthology of poetry.
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Are you interested in ministry? Restoring the Five Fold Ministry challenges the ministry to return to the Biblical concept of church governance practiced by the early church - collegial eldership. Instead of a single ministry of pastor, the Lord gave five ministerial gifts to fill the offices of elders and deacons which are for the church today - including that of apostles and prophets.
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Restoring the Five Fold Ministry, 2nd Ed: Avoiding the Pastoral Supremacy Syndrome
The rise of the single pastor church has the unintended consequence of two major problems: replacing the five-fold ministry by elevating the pastoral ministry which can result in a maladaptive leadership that the author identifies as a "Pastoral Supremacy Syndrome", and second by surpressing ministerial gifts for both men and women who feel that the only way to be validated in ministry is by becoming a "pastor", even if the gift does not exist in the individual. This book looks at why God chose collegial eldership and five-fold-ministry for the only Biblical model of church leadership. The book brings the experience of 45 years of ministry along with the research and educational degrees of the author to challenge the church to return to Biblical principles of servant-leadership that reflect on how the opposite terms of leader and servant is characterized by Jesus's discipleship program and Biblical church structure.
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The Testimony of A Completed Jew
Diane Paley Davis is jewish by birth and a born again Christian by her second birth. She was born to Jewish parents in Perth Amboy, NJ. Her grandparents were faithful to thier Jewish faith, with one grandfather being a cantor at the local synagogue. Although her parents did not adhere to the Jewish faith, Diane attended a Jewish school and remembers well the times of passover and lessons learned from her grandparents and family. This book is her testimony of how she became a Christian and now considers hereself a "Completed Jew" who is twice born and twice blessed. Download the Ebook of her compelling testimoney.
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