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The Implications of Believing in the Trinity is the Master's thesis by Paul Davis for graduation from Trinity Theological Seminary.  The thesis is that our Christology (understanding of the manifestation of God in Christ) is not just a matter of theology, but is a matter of soteriology (the doctrine of salvation).  Jesus said, "Unless you believe that I AM HE, you shall surely die in your sins".  The thesis covers the historical roots of the doctrine of the trinity including the earliest writing of the church, many of of whom were influenced by Greek philosophy.  Paul Davis explains why understanding the Godhead of Christ matters in our worship of the One True God.
The Testimony of a Completed Jew is the personal testimony of Diane Davis, who is Jewish by birth, and a One God, Jesus Name baptized, Holy Ghost filled Christian by second birth.  This booklet can be read here, but can be purchased in our store to be given to your Jewish friends as a witness to the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ
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