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About Paul Davis
Paul Davis has a Masters in Ministry from Trinity College & Seminary, a Masters in Management and Leadership from Liberty University, a post-graduate Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in teaching and curriculum, and doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership & Human Resources from Regent University.  Many of his journal writings have religious content and have been published by the Education Resources Information Services ( as well as reaching a world-wide audience in  Many of the articles have been cited in other scholarly writings.  These journals can be downloaded and used for sermon or Bible lesson material, where appropriate, but if put in any printed material must be cited as copyrighted works of Hartwell (Paul) Davis, as the author.
A Paradigm Shift to Collegial Eldership: Accountability & Ethical Responsibility was presented during doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership at Regent University.  It mirrors material presented in the book Restoring the Five Fold Ministry, but reflects on issues of ethics for the local church.
Soulwinning & Church Growth Seminar is a practical teaching the covers (1) The World's Need for soulwinners, (2) Characteristics of a Soulwinner, (3) The Soulwinning Church, (4) and the Practical Side of Church Growth
Paul Davis is a former Drug & Alcohol Counselor for the Texas Youth Commission where he received 280 hours of addiction training from such institutions as Hazelden Institute, Johnson's Institute, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC, SASSI Certification, University of Texas, and Texas Tech University.  He is also a former Juvenile Probation Officer, having graduated from the Juvenile Probation Academy of Sam Houston University.  He has worked in juvenile detention centers, providing group therapy and counseling, as well as detox centers and mental health centers.  This presentation shares a Christian perspective for drug and alcohol counseling which is often not shared by traditional non-Christian providers.  Rather than being a disease, as often stated, alcohol and drug abuse needs more than treatment by a medical professional - it needs the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ, the power of the holy spirit, and the support of the body of Christ which will tell the truth about the problems of addiction.
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